Flow control Gates

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This equipment is used to regulate the flow of pulverized & dry material conveying bulk quantity like cement, bag filter dust, kiln dust, fly ash, lime stone powder and other minerals which have Micronics particles size. The flow control gates are designed for accurate control of the flow of abrasive, powdered materials.

In particular they can be mounted in-line with air slides. Two types of flow control gates are used primarily – pneumatic controlled and electric actuator controlled. Our Flow Control Gates are manufactured using the latest technology in laser cutting, water jetting and welding. An integrated aeration pad at the bottom of the flow control gate assists the flow of material where the units are installed in-line with air slides.

A manual override is available to position the gate to handle the instances where the air or power supply to the actuator gets failed. Specially selected non-fray sealing material is used to ensure that there is a positive seal between drum and casing at all times. The drive shaft is protected from wear by means of a ceramic liner sleeve. Standard material of manufacture is mild steel or stainless steel depending on customer requirements.