Poppet Valve

This unusual design feature a pneumatic or linear electric driven shaft operating vertically rising horizontal blade. Steel plant designers favor this construction for their very high reliability under exacting conditions of high temperature and dust load. Typical feature include quick acting pneumatic cylinder operation and an accumulator driven quick shut – off under pneumatic air supply failure condition. It incorporates a simplex leaf – seal arrangement for maintaining sticky flue gas particulates above their condensation temperature.

Protorque Equipment Pvt. Ltd., Duplex leaf seal arrangement – consist of two rows of “pressure assisted” seals which provide 99.90% sealing efficiency ( 100% with seal-air system)

Poppet valve employ a seal disc that is capable of extremely rapid and used in critical gas ducting applications that require rapid diversion or isolation of gases.

Application :-

  • Isolation of a single duct
  • Control flow from one gas path to either of two new paths
  • Control flow from two gas paths to either of two new paths

Protorque Equipment Pvt. Ltd. performance advantages:-

  • 99.9 to 100% sealing efficiency
  • Very quick shut-off action approx. one second or less cycle time

Standard Design Features:-

  • Stainless steel push rod and seal disc
  • Seal aligning seal disc

Options :-

  • Configuration options
  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic actuation Controls.