Gas Flow Diverter


Duplex seal – “Duplex seal” design consists of multiple super alloy leaf seal segments which are “pressure assisted” to achieve a positive seal between blade and frame mounted landing bars.

Both toggle drive and pivot drive options are available covering the complete range from the smallest 1000 mm sq. opening, to the largest 6400 mm sq. Frame 9 FA Size. The design can accommodate a variety of aspect ratios, electric or hydraulic drive, circular or conical inlet and internal or external insulation configurations

Key feature – The pivot drive bearing is a self-aligning permanently lubricated design utilizing highly
machined sintered bronze segment.

PEPL also offers solution for –

  • Drive systems (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or combinations)
  • Excessive drive component wear
  • Shaft & bearing refurbishment or renewal
  • Main structure failures or related failures with internal or external insulation & cladding
  • Failed blade sealing elements or poor sealing efficiency
  • Local control or interface problems to the main control center (Electric, electronic, PLC or variants)
  • Hardware & Gaskets for companion Flange spares