Guillotine Damper / Glandular Spade Valve

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Guillotine dampers – The isolation device / machine “Protorque Equipments LLP.,” damper a flex seat seal system, closed bonnet and a heavy duty rack and pinion drive. The self-cleaning seals that guarantee a 99.50% sealing efficiency on cross section area (CSA), even in high dust environment, and the rugged construction have resulted in this becoming the industry standard.

These heavy duty constructions are extensively used in material handling application. Typically lined with or fabricated out of abrasion resistant steels, they isolate or divert solid material such as clinker dust and coal ash.

These Electric/Pneumatic actuated slide gates for cement mills feature a fully machined solid blade which gives 99.0% cross blade isolation under heavy dust load& sealing efficiency 100% frame to atmosphere.